May 8, 2012

How To: Make A Headband Holder

Miss Noelle; Queen of Big Bows and Over The Top Headbands

A gazillion months ago (or maybe 3 or 4) I had made a bow holder for Miss Noelle to house all of her bows and flower clips and had promised to make her a headband holder as well and just never got to it. Well, finally the time came to make one because her headbands are getting out of control!

Her collection is quite extravagant. 

Mommy has a hard time saying no to headbands...

I ended up making a headband holder in a matter of minutes, easily with some things around the house.

  • Oatmeal container (empty of course).
  • Shelf paper with adhesive (same one that we used for her letters that we made).
  • Scissors. (Exacto knife would have worked better but I didn't know where it was.)

With the shelf paper, I covered the oatmeal container with room to spare on the bottom to fold over the edges.

Very simply, this is the result:

Then I could have left the lid black but decided to cover it with the shelf paper.

This is where the exacto knife would have come in handy but I was too lazy to look for it. I just cut the circle out with the scissors. The circle will probably have to be redone, but for now I think it looks fine. 

End result:


It's also great because you can store more headbands, hair clips, bows or whatever else you want inside the container. 

Pretty easy!! Now Miss Noelle and I can go out and buy more headbands! Kidding, kidding...

"Ohhh mommy, I want this one!"

Next project: Something cute to store these hats!

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