April 21, 2012

Mom & Baby; Born to Shop

Recently Noelle and I have been doing a little (or a lot of) shopping. It seems as if our days are full of shopping since there is little to do at her age. She happily gets strapped to my chest and we walk up and down the aisles. In doing so we have found many fun things for the house! I had to share some of the fun things that we've purchased lately that has made our house much more homey!

Noelle's new bench/toy chest!

Noelle's first step stool! She won't be using this for quite some time, but it has really come in handy as a little night stand during her night feedings!

I found these cute "Dance" and "Ballerina" baskets...had to get them!

Joey and I finally got her curtains! The blinds just weren't enough to keep her room dark for naps!

Here is my DIY frame...
I accidentally got a 5x7 frame, although wanted to frame a 4x6, so I had to make my own matte.

Then I dug out my good ol' scrapbooking goodies...

I found some embellishments I wanted to use...

and volia!

Here are all the new frames I got!

Our loft now! All clear of Joey's drums and decorated with some family photos!

Joey's new little utensil holder I got for his desk. I filled it with all pictures of him and his little princess.

Mail holder - love this quote!

Candle holder in the kitchen! So appropriate. 

I decluttered the fridge pictures by getting magnetic frames.

Here is a picture of our living room "before" we got new end tables. As you can see we were using stereo speakers!

Our new end tables!

New matching TV stand!

We had to get these end tables because of the baskets - they are perfect for holding all Noelle's toys!

This is what it looked like before we got the end tables for toy storage...

Now this is how we hold all of Noelle's toys! Much better!

Noelle's new shadow box in her room with her first hat and hospital bracelet! 

We are still in the process of getting new lamps and finding a console table to replace the table in the dining room right now. We want to turn the dining room into Noelle's playroom since we don't use the table for eating anyways. (We use it as the laundry folding table.) 

We're keeping our eyes open for more home goods!
More later.

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