April 2, 2012


This past Saturday Joey, Noelle and I went to a local event "Make-A-Plate" at Pike Lake Education Center. We got to make two designs for plates that we will be getting back in 2 weeks! We thought we'd be there for a few minutes but ended being there an hour because we were trying hard to be creative. Then it finally dawned on us that we can make plates every year, so it's not a life or death situation. :) It was also fun because we ran into his cousin Dan who was there with his son Harrison (who I'm always talking and posting about), and his mom, Joey's aunt Cathy! It was a nice surprise to run into them and we ended up making our plates together. Fun Saturday!

The dads with their babes!

Harrison's plates.

Cathy and Harrison!

Working hard...it's not easy to get a 4.5 month old's handprint!

Look at Noelle concentrating! That or she's thinking "What the heck are you doing to me? Give me my hand back!"

Our two plate designs...CANNOT wait to get the finished products in a couple weeks! :)

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