April 1, 2012

Joey's Big Birthday Week!

We had an awesome last week in March to celebrate Joey's birthday this year! Wednesday night we went to see Cirque du Soleil's Michael Jackson The Immortal show at the Target Center, which was awesome! It was a great way to kick start Joey's celebrations. We went with our friends Gaotah and Michael and had a blast. At first we joked about bringing Noelle since on their website it says "Children two years and younger, free admission" but of course didn't. And thank goodness! It was incredibly loud (in a good way) and the strobe lights were blinding (in a good way). We did see another little baby there about Noelle's age sitting in a stroller, and all I could think was that the baby was going to go deaf!

Here's a little clip of what we saw!

We continued celebrating by going to Osaka in Roseville the following night with Joey's mom Sue, stepdad Don, and Joey's sister Staci and her family. This was fun since our niece and nephews, Gracie (11), Ray (9) and Parker (6) had never been to an hibachi grill dinner before. The kids got a kick out of our cook who was tossing eggs in the air and catching them in his chef's hat, catching shrimps in their mouths, etc. Noelle came with us as well and did surprisingly well for the long dinner.

Gracie, Noelle and Parker! 

Yummy yummy!

Birthday boy and me. 

Birthday boy, wearing that creepy big head!

Noelle doesn't know what to think!

Ray! Osaka is his new favorite restaurant!

Parker loved that a "ninja" cooked his food!

After Osaka we went back to Sue and Don's to have some birthday cake and ice cream!

The festivities didn't end there! On Saturday night Joey and I went out with a group of our good friends and Joey's brothers Cory and Nik and their ladies Susan and Erin to The Gasthaus in Stillwater. We had an absolute blast! We ate some hearty German beer and food, celebrated with lots of dessert and then enjoyed the polka band after dinner.  The night couldn't have been better. 

With the horses outside of Gasthaus!

Stitch and Joey with t-shits Nik made them!

Joey's shirt. (Yes that's him!)

Stitch's shirt, haha.

Jon and Joey!

WIth Angie and Susan!

Our friends the Midbrods (Krist and Jenny) and Jake!

We love the Kostichka's!

Susan and Nik!

Jon really likes dessert. Haha.

Cory and Erin!

Joey opening up some cards and presents.

His gifts from the Midbrods: Suspenders and handkerchiefs. 

"Am I really that old?"

The Band! Bass, Guitar and Drums, respectively. 

Enjoying some polka with the Wisconsin girls, Erin and Jenny!

This morning, Joey's actual birthday, I made him some homemade breakfast then we feasted once more with dinner and birthday cake at his dad's house. The kid's had fun wishing their Uncle JoJo a happy birthday.

Homemade cheesy potatoes, sausage patties, and cheesy eggs and bacon on an everything bagel! Breakfast of champions after a night of drinking German beer!

Noelle's first birthday card to her dad, and Joey's first birthday as a dad! Cute stuff. 

Gracie and Vivi painting rocks at Uncle JoJo's birthday dinner.

Bennet being cute as usual.

The guys; Cory, David, Big Joe, Jim.

Parker and Ty - cutest little nephews.

Erin and Noelle!

With my little Vivs!

"Happy Birthday to Meeee!" - Joey

Girlies; Ava, Noelle and Vivi!

Ava and Noelle!

Vivi loves her Uncle JoJo.

Cutest/funniest cards ever from the kids. "Happy Birthday Joey. You are the bast uncle ever." - Ava "Happy Birth Day Joey. From me. Parker." - Parker. 

All in all, it was a great birthday week for Joey and possibly the most fun we've had in a while! Could getting older actually be fun?! :)

Happy Birthday to the best husband and daddy ever!

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