April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend!

This past weekend we were really busy with fun activities with our friends and family! Starting the festivities was our friend Willow's first birthday party on Friday afternoon! Noelle and Willow weren't much for socializing with each other, but we had a great time seeing them and celebrating Willow turning one.

Diana, Noelle, Dawn & Willow!

Dawn with the birthday girl!

After Willow's party we went over to our friend Courtney's house for some dinner, beers and a chance for the kids to play. Our friends Gaotah and Annie were over as well as Annie's sweet nieces Emily (4) and Brianna (8). Courtney's son Tyler (3) loved Noelle. He was nurturing towards her all night and wanted to help take care of her. So cute.

Emily and Tyler!

Gaotah showing Noelle how to drive a van. :)

Courtney, Emily and Brianna having a dance party!

Saturday morning, Noelle and I went to visit Annie and her family so that Noelle could meet Alex, Annie's newest nephew who is almost 8.5 months old! Again, Noelle wasn't much for socializing with the other baby, but did have a good time being passed around by the adults.

Emily, Alex, Brianna & Noelle.

After her visit to Annie's, Noelle and Joey went to dye Easter eggs at Grandma Ethel's! I got to stay home and do some much needed to be done homework while Joey and Noelle spent the afternoon together.

Noelle at Easter Egg dying!

Eggs made by Ava. :)

Our Saturday didn't stop there! As a family we went over to Joey's brother Cory's house for dinner with their family and Noelle had a great time seeing her older cousins Ellie and Ava who she just LOVES.

Noelle loves Ellie!

Sunday was the big day, Easter! Noelle spent her first Easter at Grandma Ethel's. This was a special day for us since last year Joey and I first announced our big news that we were expecting to the family and friends on Easter day last year, and now this year, our little bunny is here! :)

Easter morning with my little bunny!

All dressed up for Easter dinner!

Noelle is now on "the door" at Grandma Ethel's!

Hope every one had a great Easter weekend, we did! More later.
The Wagners

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