April 6, 2012

5 Months!

Holy moly! Noelle is 5 months! The last month was really an eventful one for us as parents...our little baby started doing all sorts of things that made us feel like she wasn't quite so little anymore!

Physically: The kid is becoming a moose! She's starting to develop rolls on her thighs and a double chin! In the last month she has gained 3 pounds! It's so cute and sweet, sometimes I'm tempted to eat her! I love a chubby baby! Her eyes also changed from dark blue to hazel! It's amazing to look at Noelle's face and see Joey's eyes looking back at me! Also, her hair is finally growing back in. The last couple months she lost a lot of the hair that she was born with and had a pretty bad receding hair line. (Joey called her Pierre Marc Bouchard.) Finally it's growing back! She's also teething so we can't wait to see some little chompers come in, since they are all giving us a horrible night's rest! Her new thing is blowing raspberries all day long...her drool bubbles soak up all her clothes and there's a nice wet ring around every single top she wears.

Developmentally: She can grasp now really well, holding on to her bottle, picking up things and shoving them into her mouth, etc. It's so weird to think only a couple months ago I would place toys in her hand and they would just fall out of them and now she can grab toys by herself and pass them from hand to hand. Like I mentioned before, she's teething, so she likes to put everything in her mouth and chew! She also rolled for the very first time this past month! She went from her back to her stomach. She doesn't seem to like it since she doesn't know how to roll back so she gets frustrated when she's "stuck." Another new thing she discovered are her feet. It wasn't until a couple weeks ago that she realized she even had them, and now she is starting to grab her toes...I'm just waiting for her to shove those in her mouth too!

"Huh, that's weird. Mommy and I are in this book!"

Other firsts: Noelle laughed out loud for the first time! She had giggled here and there but this was the first time she belly laughed!

On the day she laughed for the first time.

She also ate solids for the first time! We started off with the basic rice cereal, which she thought was pretty bad, judging from the look on her face as well as her spitting it all back out. She however really likes sweet potatoes! It's fun to watch her open her mouth for more. We tried apples and pears but I'm guessing they are too tart for her because she makes a sour look on her face and spits it all out. We unfortunately had a really bad episode with bananas, causing her tummy to gurgle all night - for days! I had no idea that when a food has a bad reaction that it can affect the baby for even a week before it all gets out of their system! Apparently the ABC's are to be avoided when first starting babies on food...apples, bananas, and carrots. I had no idea!

"What is this poison?"

She also is strolling around the whole house in her walker! She used to just kind of sit in it and move around in a small circle, whereas now she can push herself from the kitchen to the living room, and back. I even bring the walker upstairs. We've had to install a gate at the top of the stairs so she doesn't roll down them like I did when I was her age!

Now that it's nicer out, we finally get out of the house and go for more walks and also go to the park although she doesn't do much there except stare at the other kids or watch the ducks. 

Noelle also stayed over night at Grandma Sue's for the very first time over Joey's birthday weekend. It was the first time that she didn't sleep in her own crib and also the first time she went a night without her parents! It went kind of how we expected...she cried majority of the night, woke up more than usual at night and was fussy. However she was fine in the morning and realized everything was okay when I came back to pick her up the next day. In some ways it was harder for us than it was for her. We were nervous beforehand, worried during, and felt guilt after! But those are pretty normal feelings and we're glad we got through it because it was really fun to get away for a night and spend it as a couple, and not as parents.

Other things that happened in the last month:

  • Noelle and I went out to Eden Prairie to see a group of my Saint Mary's friends who were/are in the same graduate program as I am in. 
  • As a family we went out with our friends The Kostichkas with their 3 boys to Axel's Bonfire!

Weston LOVED Noelle!
  • We continued to attend ECFE class on Thursdays where we have made some awesome friends for both mommy and baby.
With Nicole and Harrison at ECFE.

With all the other sweethearts at ECFE!

Best friends.
  • As a family we went to the local "Make-A-Plate" event.
  • I started two more graduate classes for the spring semester!
  • Noelle saw the Easter Bunny!
  • Noelle and I went to Larkin's dress rehearsal to watch her cousins' dance.
With Ellie!

Things to look forward to this following month: 

  • Our friend Willow's 1st Birthday Party!
  • Noelle's First Easter!
Noelle's first Easter basket!
  • Frankie Jo, my friend Gia's two month old baby is going to start coming over to our house Tuesdays and Thursdays while her parents are at work! This new transition starts for us next week! Tuesday I will have both Harrison and Frankie Jo over...I'm a little anxious but also very excited for Noelle to have another friend to play with.
  • Our friend Damien's 3rd Birthday Party! 
  • Joey and I are invited to Chino Latino for a group of my girlfriends' joint birthday party later in the month!
  • Noelle, myself AND Joey start our new ECFE class on Saturdays for the next 2 months!

Here's to another month, where there were some downs (N had a lot of tummy and sleep issues this month) but many, many ups. We are blessed and happy as ever in our lives as parents and a family!
More updates soon on all our fun things planned this busy month!
The Wagners

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