March 30, 2012

Noelle Meets the Easter Bunny!

Noelle and I went to the mall today to meet the infamous Easter Bunny! It was pretty funny, considering Noelle couldn't crack one smile the whole time. The lady taking the pictures and I were both making fools of ourselves, dancing around, jumping, yelling her name and waving toys and bells at her, however Noelle would not smile. Not even a little. She stared at us stone faced until finally she glanced up to see who was holding her, saw Mr. Bunny and started crying. I felt bad for her, because I would probably cry if a giant sinister looking bunny was holding me too!

During the visit.

The final product. (Apparently meeting the Easter Bunny is a really sad experience.) Haha.

Happy Friday!

March 7, 2012

Our Baby is 4 Months!

Noelle is already 4 months! Wow, that went by fast! I guess that is what happens when you are having fun (and are sleep deprived, delusional, exhausted and busy)!

"I'm ready for my close up."

Noelle News: She LOVES 'The Wheels on the Bus,' she prefers to be nude, she cannot keep her hands out of her mouth, she thinks it's funny when her dad makes fart noises, she likes to be tickled under her chin, she loves her Jumparoo. She now hates getting her face wiped, her hair washed and screams in the car when you are not in motion. She will seriously be fine on the freeway and the second you get off on an exit she will scream. Then you drive and she's okay. Then you stop at a red light and she screams. Joyous times for mommy.

Boots with the fur!

Mommy & Me "dance" class.

She drools a ton now...possibly 2 buckets a day. We believe she is teething because she shoves her hands in her mouth all day and bites on them, bites on everyone else's fingers/arms, chews on toys, bibs and blankets.


Just when I was about to say "Wow, she really has a routine now!" it changed. We still have a baby that gets up a couple times a night, and sometimes, doesn't fall back asleep. I've finally accepted that we may never get a full night's sleep again until she goes to college.

Playing the piano.

She now "knows" things.  Like for instance, when I pick up the remote, she looks at the TV. She also really likes electronics already. She is always reaching for our cellphones and when I give her a toy phone she tosses it, as if to say "You think you can fool me!?" She also likes to watch hockey. A lot. The other night Joey was watching hockey on the TV and I turned on a Baby Einstein show for Noelle on my laptop. She actually looked around the laptop to watch the hockey game instead! She also still really loves going to the dance studio. She actually sat in on one of the Mommy and Me dance classes and was smiling ear to ear watching the older babies dance and sing.

Mommy, Noelle and cousin Vivi at the dance studio!

Dad News: Joey is super busy at work now and is still going to band practice each week. He's also become the bottle washer in this household, which makes me very, very happy. His birthday is coming up (April 1st) so we are in the midst of planning a little party get together. (Joey doesn't want a party.)

Playing the drums with daddy.

Mom News: I finished another graduate class (yeehaw!) and am starting on my next two Spring classes this week. I have shed a few more pounds (17 pounds total since I started Paleo) and still would like to get rid of 5-10 more by Joey's birthday but find this to be difficult since I reintroduced Expresso Chip ice cream into my diet. (Eating it right now as I type...bad, but so good.) I also started watching my cousin in law Nicole's baby, Harrison once a week since she started going back to work. It's really fun to see those two interact. They are 4 days apart so it's great that they are close in age and get to grow together.

Noelle and Harrison playing "together." 

Bumper walkers!

Harrison and Noelle at ECFE class!

Each week has been more or less the same, but we are having a blast. Noelle and I keep busy each day of the week by going to ECFE, the library, running errands, window shopping (she loves to walk around the mall in her front carrier), going to the dance studio, and visiting friends and family. We try to keep something on the calendar for each day so that we both don't get bored. (Noelle get's super cranky when I try to keep her in the house all day.) Then daddy comes home and we all take a nap. :) Then in the evening we will usually spend time reading, singing, playing, and acting like idiots trying to entertain Noelle. Sometimes we aren't enough for her, so then we pack up our stuff and find something to do. For instance last weekend we went to the Antique Show, which I'm not surprised, Noelle loved. (She loves everything her dad loves.) I put her in the front carrier and we walked around for 2 hours looking at a bunch of hoarders' junk. Then when Noelle is finally tuckered out, it's what I like to call the Triple B's. Bath-Bottle-Bed. Although the weeks are repetitive, it's awesome seeing Noelle grow and gain better control of herself mentally and physically. It's so funny to watch her facial expressions and to guess at what she may be thinking. Joey and I are incredibly happy and blessed and are LOVING being parents to this booger!

More later,

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