February 21, 2012

Noelle's Special Visit

We were super blessed this past week as we got an unexpected and unplanned visit from my mom! At last minute (literally the night before) with the help of Joey's step aunt Patty we were able to get my mom a flight to come see Noelle! It was a great long weekend for all of us.

Grandma Tuyet & Noelle

Joey and I got to have some time to ourselves and went on a couple of dates, which we haven't done since before Noelle was born. We also got to catch up on some much needed sleep! I even got to deep clean my house and log in some really good workouts! Joey and I were ecstatic. We wish that we could afford to keep my mom in MN as our live in (grandma + nanny) granny.

Grandma Sue came to visit my mom! Nice picture of them with Noelle!

My mom also had a wonderful weekend bonding with Noelle. She hadn't seen her since she turned 1 month old. So she was in for a shock because Noelle has changed so much since then! Noelle spent most of the weekend in my my mom's arm or playing with my mom. It was sweet. :) It turns out that my mom is also the only person that has been able to shush Noelle. One day when Noelle starting pouting and starting to turn on the tears my mom sternly said "No no! and Noelle gave her a funny, confused look but then didn't cry. That certainly doesn't work for Joey or me!

This is my favorite picture of Noelle & my mom! They were napping together! So cute.

It was a great weekend having my mom come up! Can't wait until the next!

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