February 20, 2012

Love Letters (1)

Dear Noelle,
I thought I would start writing you some love letters so that one day you can go back and read them and think "Wow, my mommy really does love me!" Especially on the days that I send you to your room without dessert for talking back to me.

So my darling, today you are exactly 3 months and 2 weeks old...already too big for mommy's liking. Watching you grow up is nerve wreaking for mommy right now because it's happening too fast! I feel like yesterday you were sleeping on my chest in the hospital bed (which the nurses scolded mommy for, numerous times I might add) and now you are already sleeping all by yourself in your very own room. It's bittersweet.

I'm really proud of you little one. You have been sleeping in your crib all by your little lonesome for 10 weeks now! You also lift up your head like a champion. You talk quite a bit too. Of course only in your little baby language, but it sure sounds cute! However...I have noticed you talk to daddy more than you talk to me. What's up with that? I guess mommy is going to need to train you...you are a Mama's girl. You hear me? MAMA'S GIRL. Just kidding...I know you are already a Daddy's Girl. Hmpth. I'll try to not take it personal.

Speaking of your daddy...wow do you have him wrapped around your finger little girl. He is such a sucker. Tell me, what is your secret??? Why is it that you can give your daddy one look and he flocks to you? He loves you so much. Remember that when he accidentally yells at you. He may slip now and then. He's been known to have a bit of a temper.

But so do you. Good lord child, you can scream when things don't go your way! When you want your bottle, you want it NOW! When you are tried, you want to sleep NOW! When you want to leave Target, you let me know! You also let everyone else in the store know too. One day a few weeks ago we went to Target and you scared everyone we walked by. You also made a bunch of people ask mommy "Is she okay?" It was a hard day for mommy. I almost sent you to live with your grandma in Texas. JUST KIDDING!!

I love you, you little devil you. I wish I could go on and on and on, but this letter would start to get really boring. Plus, I'm sure there will be more letters to come where I dote on you endlessly. I love you bugaboo.

Thanks for being mine.
Love, Mommy

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