February 5, 2012

Family Update - 3 Months

It has been a while since I updated on the Wagner crew but it's been a busy month, as always! We can barely believe it...Noelle is now a whole 3 months old! Let's catch up on the last month...

Noelle was diagnosed with acid reflux and is now on Zantac. We were really excited about the Zantac because we thought that it would be the answer to our prayers, but while we are seeing an improvement in the number of spit ups that she has and the amount of crying she does...she is still a colicky baby and has intense crying spells where she has piercing scream attacks. Now that we have exhausted all our resources (switched to the most sensitive formula, tried Gripe water, tried gas drops, gone to a chiropractior for adjustments, taken Zantac) and she is still extremely fussy we have come to the conclusion that there is probably nothing on earth that can help this colic. Only time will solve it for us, which somedays is really sad to accept. I won't lie, I have a hard time with it sometimes because in all honesty I never thought I would have a colicky baby. Most days between Joey and I, we handle just fine with her colic but somedays I don't know what to do when she randomly explodes into a screaming fit at the top of her lungs, tears streaming down her face and there is not one thing that I can do to calm her down. We heard repeatedly from a gazillion people that 3 is the magic number and at 3 months colic goes away and babies start sleeping through the night. I guess only time will tell because we are certainly not there yet!

But of course, we adore our little booger so much. She cracks us up all the time with her scowls, toots (she seriously is one gassy child), and random smirks. She also answers to "Boogs" now, which is what I call her, so that always makes me laugh. She also stares at the TV so much that we have limited her time in the living room in fear that all her brain cells will be fried by the time she is a year old. So I guess between the tears there is laughter too. :)

More fun stuff: She and I started going to an ECFE (Early Childhood & Family Education) class every Thursday morning at the Snail Lake Education Center here in town and it is awesome. I get to chat with other moms with babies the same age as Noelle and we sing to our babies, read to them, and play with them. It's amazing and the center has an incredible Resource center where we can borrow toys, books and DVDs. I think my favorite part of the class is that when Noelle bursts into tears, no one cares. I certainly don't take that for granted!

Noelle's First Hockey Game

Joey and I are finally getting into a routine with Noelle and have started to go back to something closer to our previous lifestyle. I've resumed by Masters program at Saint Mary's which was tough but also exciting to do. I was a little reluctant to leave Noelle for long stretches of time (my classes are 4 hours long each!) but am glad that I've continued. The classes are going great and every time I'm at school I know that teaching is where my heart is. As of right now I have 6 classes left. Yippee!! I've also lost 10 pounds from doing the Paleo diet that I discussed in an earlier post, and only have 10 more to go before I reach my pre-pregnancy weight! (Although I'd like to lose 15!) Another Yippee!!

Bottle Time with Jessie, Will, Zoe & Noelle!

I'm not the only one who is starting to get my life back; Joey has resumed his weekly band practices in Somerset, which gives him a great break, an outlet and also a time to hang out with his bandmates/friends. Noelle and I even joined him one night and I can seriously say that she enjoys listening to the band play. She also has a natural liking to the drums, which of course pleases Joey. Sometimes he will play the drums with Noelle on his lap and she takes it all in. We are convinced that she will be musical.

Last month we had no idea what we were doing with Noelle on a daily basis. Each day was a new ride and we were lost. Having established a routine since then is nice...Noelle and I don't live on a schedule but there's enough structure that Noelle can predict what our next move is, and we can predict what hers is as well. I can't claim that each day is the same, there are some days where she does cry a lot, but on most days we know what to anticipate. We are over the moon in love with our little monster and even though she brings terror into our lives (kidding, kidding) we couldn't imagine our lives without her now.

Here's to another month!
More later,

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