February 25, 2012

Baby Ballerina

Noelle went to her very first dance competition today to cheer on her older cousins Ellie and Ava, and all the Larkin dancers who were competing. Just like at the dance studio, Noelle loved being at the competition. She loves the music, lights and really watches the dancers. Noelle LOVES going to the studio. We try to get there every week so that she can watch numbers and listen to the music. Today she actually got mad every time we moved somewhere she couldn't see the stage.

Her cute outfit today. :)

Making Grandma proud!

Joey and I were also so incredibly proud of our nieces today...Ellie and Ava were amazing! Ellie has always been a beautiful dancer but this year she really shines. She has developed an incredible stage presence with lots of personality and flair. She's also graceful at the same time and an amazing dancer. Definitely a ballerina. Ava was her usual funky self and rocked the stage. We couldn't have had a better time watching them. I admit, I teared up watching Ellie do her lyrical number...but then again, I always do. :)

Noelle & Ellie! Noelle just wouldn't look at the camera. 

With Ava!

Ava's cute costume!

Mommy & Noelle!

Can't wait until the day Noelle can put on her ballet shoes. ;)
More later,

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