January 8, 2012

Working It Out

We all have New Year Resolutions and I'm pretty sure a large majority of people's resolution is to lose weight/get fit/get healthy. And I'm one of those people. Being pregnant, I abused the excuse "I'm eating for two!" Although I knew that "eating for two" really just meant eating an extra 300 calories. Even though I knew that, I really loved having an excuse to eat what I want and I let myself enjoy my pregnancy cravings a bit too much.

For everyone that knows me, they know that before my pregnancy I was a vegetarian. I was even vegan at one point in time but had a really hard time not eating dairy. I was a pretty devoted vegetarian too (a lot of you used to read my old blog, which was mostly dedicated to being a vegetarian).  Being a vegetarian, keeping my weight stable was really easy. The last time I had to lose weight was 5 years ago when I was an undergrad, eating lots of Cheese Chilitos and chips and cheese from Zantigos at 11 pm with Joey.

When I became pregnant I was very ignorant about my weight gain. I didn't even think about what was going to happen to me afterwards. So I indulged. I had not even drank pop for 6 years but everything flew out the window with my pregnancy. I had root beer floats constantly, ice cream every night, tons of donuts and rice krispie bars and yes, I'm guilty...meat. It was bad. I could not get enough bacon cheeseburgers. I went from a person not consuming any meat to someone drooling and craving for pig fat on top of cow on a daily basis. (Oh did I mention I liked a fried egg on top of that burger too? And don't forget the cheese and mayonnaise.) Needless to say I gained more than the recommended weight. You are suppose to gain 25-30 pounds when you are pregnant...I gained 50.

So now we embark on my journey back to my previous body. I'm mostly writing this post so that I have to be accountable. If I get it out there to the public that I'm going to lose this weight, then I have to. I'm also slowly reverting back to my old diet. I don't think I can quit meat cold turkey but I am trying the Paleo Diet right now which is basically the caveman's diet: natural/organic meat, plants, fruit and water. I'm cutting back on sugar, salt, dairy and carbs. (All my favorite things of course.) When I'm comfortable  I'll go back to not eating meat because deep down I still feel terrible for the animals. Mostly the cows. (I love cows.) I'm also starting to work out again since my doctor okay'd it. I'm starting out pathetically slow but a little is better than none. I already got in my 45 min cardio and 15 min strength training in today! (Thank you daddy for taking care of Noelle!)

I don't really have a goal weight, but I do have a goal. Joey's birthday is April 1st and we're planning on throwing him a party so I need to fit into a little black dress by then! I imagine that date should be a good benchmark, and by summer I should be back to my old body.

Okay here goes. Now if I slack, you guys can yell at me!

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