January 6, 2012

Noelle Update - Two Months

A lot can happen in a matter of weeks, especially when you are a fast developing little baby! Last month Noelle had just started going to the chiropractor to have adjustments to help with her colic and immature digestive system, and had changed formulas due to her allergies. There were definitely some hard days where we weren't sure what to do to make her feel better. Mom, dad and baby were all stressed and exhausted.

"Oh, life is tough!"

As of recent, Noelle is better on so many levels. Although we haven't had the magical 8 hours of sleep since the one rare time it happened, Noelle can usually snooze for an undisrupted 5 hours at night. The formula has helped out significantly and the 2x weekly chiropractor visits also seemed to help. Although there is no true evidence of her crying less due to chiropractic visits, it surely didn't hurt. Of course a lot of these results could also just be from Noelle becoming older and getting more adjusted to life outside the womb.

In the last 4 weeks we have had many "trial and errors" as I like to call them. We've tired everything to "fix" our baby...including schedules, feeding on demand, co-sleeping, sleep training, etc. Someone would tell me the schedule was the best thing to do, then another would say never to do that, then someone else would tell me in shock that it was bad she wasn't getting 16 hours of sleep, then another would tell me to keep her up all day...SO MUCH INFORMATION. Basically what we have learned in the last month is that there is no rhyme or reason to any of the madness and instead of trying to "fix" everything we need to just enjoy our baby and do whatever work for us. We are going to take this next month to figure out what works and stress less about what others tell us is right or wrong. Frankly, there is no right or wrong. I'm confident that things will work themselves out and by Noelle's 3rd month things will all be easier for all three of us.

In other news, Noelle has had a busy month adjusting to our world. She has had plenty of visitors and has gone on many extrusions with us. She is now a veteran when it comes to venturing out into the real world and has already gone to a handful of restaurants, stores, the dance studio a few times and quite a few people's houses. She does incredible in the car, relaxed by the bass of the stereo as well as the bumpy ride and likes to go to places with lots of light. She is fascinated by Target and other places that are very well lit with fluorescent lights. Sometimes she stares at the lights so extensively that I think she already needs sunglasses! She responds well to loud places (she falls asleep next to the stereo at the dance studio) and is pretty adaptable when it comes to being passed around. I think we worry about her getting overstimulated more than she actually gets overstimulated.

Noelle and Gavin on their first date at Bruggers. Noelle is thrilled.

Play date with Gavin and Amelia. It must have been really fun; they are all in tears.

At 2 months she still really doesn't care for many types of entertainment. She once loved her swing but now can only stand it for a few minutes at a time. Her favorite thing is this toy I got her for Christmas that she can kick or reach for overhanging toys. When she kicks it, it plays music for her. It also has a mirror dangling in her face, which she LOVES. She has smiled at herself quite a bit. She doesn't really smile at US, but I suppose she IS cuter to look at than we are. ;)

She doesn't enjoy much but she does enjoy Skyping with my parents daily. We usually Skype with them every day at least once. She usually stares at them on the computer screen and you can tell she really is looking for them. She follows their voices and will coo back at them. She can last for 10 minutes, maybe 15 minutes before she is bored and wants to move on.

She has developed some weird preferences as well. Her absolute song of choice is "It will Rain" by Bruno Mars. In one of my early attempts at soothing her while she screamed, I played for her various music...classical, child lullabies, piano tunes, techno (for the bass) and then resorted to listening to my own music when nothing could satisfy her. She took a liking to Bruno Mars, and ever since then, whenever she screams I can turn this song on and she will calm down. It sounds crazy, but it is true. Now Joey and I even sing it to her. It's become Noelle's song.

As you can see in Noelle's playlist there are various white noises, nature sounds and Bruno Mars. Do you see how many times we have listened to "It will Rain?!"

We have also established a really great night time routine which consists of bath (which she LOVES), lotion/massage, swaddle, bottle, rocking, bedtime. She sleeps to obnoxiously loud white noise which plays on my iPod all night long, has a humidifier running all night, and also sleeps with a "night light" that I could use as a reading light. We used to do this in our bedroom, where she has slept with us for the last 2 months. This is an amazing change for us since Joey and I weren't getting much sleep listening to the sounds of a hair dryer all night. It stinks that we have to get out of bed and go to her room in the middle of the night but overall it's worth it to get her used to sleeping independently.

She's either really enjoying herself or she's peeing in the water.

"Excuse you. I am taking a bath."

Noelle is a beautiful, thriving, sweet baby and as exhausted as we (all) are, it is worth it!

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