January 8, 2012

How To: Make a Hair Bow Holder

Noelle has everything in excess...tutus (11 counting), dresses, shoes, hats, tights etc. This does not exclude hair accessories. Noelle has more hair bows and headbands than any child I know (well besides my niece Vivi). I was feeling a little crafty so I decided to make her a little hair bow holder.

I got all the supplies at Target. Total cost: $5
Because she has so many more hair bows, I'm going to make a second holder, maybe with a bigger frame. 
I've seen these done on Pinterest in various ways...with painted canvases, large picture frames hung on the wall, large ribbon strips hanging from name plates...the ideas are endless. I liked this smaller frame because I wanted it to fit in her dollhouse bookcase. 
Next up: Headband Holder

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