January 19, 2012

How to: Cure Chipotle Cravings

I am currently on Day 19 of my healthy eating and it's been going pretty decent! I've also found some yummy healthy things to eat when I eat out as well...thankfully it looks like each restaurant now offers more healthy choices for all the people whose New Years' resolution was to eat better. I've been seriously wanting the chicken salad bowl at Chipotle but the cold weather (-9 degrees!) is keeping Noelle and I in the house. So last night I thought I would just recreate it at home with ingredients I already had in the fridge and the cupboards, and I'd have to say I was successful! It was pretty easy and I thought I'd share it.

Super Easy Chipotle Chicken Salad Bowl

Chicken (since it was only for me, I only needed 1 chicken breast.)
Lemon/Lime juice
Minced garlic
Diced tomatoes
Romaine lettuce
Black beans
Pepper and salt to taste

Easy steps:
1. Cut up chicken, cook on stove with minced garlic and lemon/lime juice. Cook until chicken is blackened.

2. Heat up beans and corn per directions on can. Add cilantro to the corn.

3. Serve it up!

I could have made some rice too but I'm currently eating very little carbs. Also if you wanted the chicken to be more spicy you could add some spicy seasonings like Mrs. Dash, but I skipped it last night. I'd have to say my salad come out really good and next time I'd add some guacamole too. It wasn't easy making dinner and bouncing Noelle with my foot at the same time (Joey had band practice) so I didn't want to make myself endure too many steps!

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