January 6, 2012


Today Noelle and had a special visit from our best friends the Mikkelsons, Willow (9 months) and her mommy Dawn. Dawn and I have been best friends since we were in middle school and have stayed close and gotten even closer as the years have gone by. I was in the room with Dawn when Willow was born and I was in my first trimester with Noelle. Willow had her much anticipated and long awaited surgery to repair her cleft palate this past week, so we wish her a fast recovery! xoxo

Here's a picture of Noelle with the Mikkelson's a week before Willow's big surgery!

Willow wishes that Noelle would hurry up and grow so they can play!

Noelle with "Auntie" Dawnie!

Willow, only 3 days after her surgery! Super star!

The card Noelle made Willow:

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