December 12, 2011

Things Are Looking Up!

Today in Minnesota it's looking dreary and gray but I'm feeling particularly in a good mood. We have finally nailed down that Noelle most likely has a milk and soy based allergy due to her immature digestive system so we are putting her on a hypoallergenic formula (Alimentum) that should help with her gas problems and in turn will help with her colic. I also brought her to a chiropractor today and it was confirmed that she is colic mostly due to the severe bloating in her stomach. She has a colon that just isn't working as often as it should to release her tension (another way to say immature digestive system) so she is getting some needed adjustments. I was also taught how to give her some massages at home to help with it too.

She had her first adjustment today and you would have thought the child was in heaven. She cried bloody murder before her appointment but then when the chiropractor was twisting her into all sorts of weird angles, she smiled. She loved being massaged and adjusted. She had a look on her face like "Ahhh at last. Someone knows how to make me feel good, finally." It's expected that she will only need a few adjustments to get things moving for her and her next appointment is this Wednesday. Today will also mark the first day on her new formula.

And to give credit where credit is due, one of my former coworkers told me about Colic Calm, which is an all natural gripe water for colicky babies due to gas and reflux, and it has been one of the biggest sanity savers. In the last week when things were looking pretty desperate with the crying, I tried the Little Tummys brand of gripe water, which did not help Noelle. Then I tried Mylicon gas drops, which also did not help Noelle. I finally ran out to CVS after a extremely hard day (probably my worst) and found Colic Calm and we tried it on Noelle that night when one of her screaming fits started happening in the middle of the night. She calmed done INSTANTLY. I don't mean in a few or couple minutes. She INSTANTLY calmed down and actually fell asleep shortly after. We tried it again the next day and again, she calmed down. This time it wasn't instant, but within minutes she was calm, and she stayed awake, alert and content. The bottle says that after a week or so of use her colic signs should go down, and they have already started. She has improved when it comes to the amount of crying she does, which I think is because the gripe water is really helping her tummy pain. I've noticed that her stomach rumbles much less than it used to.

I really have hope and faith that the new formula, the gripe water and the adjustments will make her start becoming more regular and less gassy therefore spit up less, be more happy and less prone to screaming her head off.

More later,

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  1. Holey moley! I didn't know that BABIES could get adjustments from chiropractors!! That is incredible! I would LOVE to see pictures of the kinds of weird positions the doc puts her in - you should take some next time! I'm glad things are starting to look up for her (and you!)!


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