December 21, 2011

Time Management

I usually don't write anything truly personal on here...I usually only write about Noelle or what our family has been up to, but I feel like writing a bit about the adjustment that I have been going through as a mother. I'll call these "Mommy Reflections," and I imagine there will be MANY of them to come! Let's start with an obvious one tonight...time management.

It's been quite an adjustment from being my own person to someone's mother. A typical day consists of feeding Noelle, changing her, finding ways to entertain her, soothing her, running errands with her (which is always rushed because it's around her feeding schedule), showering with her in the bathroom with me, getting her to sleep and sleeping with her. Whenever I find "free time" it is usually spent in three ways and it's a tough decision.

I can either 1. sleep (wins most of the time), 2. clean, or 3. do something for myself. Sometimes Joey will watch her and I run errands or just go shopping (usually shopping for Noelle) and this is fun for me since I get to leave the house alone, but then I'm very tired later on. Sometimes when she's sleeping or being good on her own I watch TV or play on the computer… this ends up seeming like a waste of time and I again end up tired. Sleeping usually wins, but then of curse nothing gets done because I slept. Sigh. It's really a difficult adjustment having such little free time.

Tonight Joey and Noelle took a nap and in the free time I had instead of napping with them I got to clean the house, sterilize all her bottles and accessories, fold laundry and write this. It feels so good to have accomplished something today! I don't feel like my usual bum self, although I must admit it would have been nice to sleep. Sigh. I cannot wait until Noelle sleeps longer periods at night so I always have little pockets of free time like this again. She is 6 weeks now and I know things will get better and I'll be able to manage time better soon, but for now, time is a very valuable thing!

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