December 31, 2011

Farewell 2011; Hello 2012!

It's almost a new year and we couldn't be more excited. Last year was a fantastic year for us. We started the year out in Austin, Texas with my family and made the decision that we were going to try to conceive. By March we found out that we were indeed pregnant! We also decided to move from Maple Grove to Shoreview to be closer to Joey's family and also be more centrally located. We found our townhouse and moved later that Spring. We then spent the following months preparing for our new life as a family and making our house into a home. Being pregnant for 9 months was life changing for both of us, as we adjusted to our new roles as parents. We both spent time reading books and watching documentaries to find out how we wanted to bring our child into the world and also how to raise her. Although we have been together for years, preparing for a new addition definitely brought us closer and unified us. We went from a couple to a family. We of course ended the year with a bang...having our little Noelle. She came just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with us and now a New Year!

We are looking forward to this year so much as we know this will be an exciting year. By this time next year Noelle will be talking, stumbling around, eating solid foods and probably giving us a run for our  money! :) We are so excited for her firsts; smile, giggle, roll, crawl, sit up, step, tooth, word, etc. Thanks for keeping up with our family and keep checking back for updates on our lives!

The Wagners

December 30, 2011

"Now I Understand..."

Now I understand...unconditional love. I find everything about Noelle irresistible. Her poopy diapers look like masterpieces, I applaud her when she belches like a grown man and I adore the scent of spit up on her skin.

Now I understand...other mother's pain in public when their babies cry. Once I used to think "Geesh, can't you shut your baby up?" and now I think "Oh you poor soul. I pray for you that your baby shuts up."

Now I understand...why people abuse caffeine. Without coffee who knows if I could even leave my house?

Now I understand...the value of money. Because if I had any I would hire a cook and a maid.

Now I understand...why reality TV exists. What else is there to do when your baby demands to be held 8 hours a day?

Now I understand...why parents act like utter fools. You will do anything to make your baby happy, even if that means making up songs sung in Pee Wee Herman voices while prancing around like an idiot. Dignity is overrated.

Now I understand...a clean house isn't all it's cracked out to be. I used to be a neat freak, now that it looks like a baby bomb exploded in my house, I hardly even notice.

Now I never judge someone on their appearance ever again. That lady at the Target who looks like she may be homeless as well as colorblind? She probably has a baby. Or she may be me.

(Speaking of Target,) now I understand...why there's a Target on every street corner. Moms go to Target 50,000 times a week. Sometimes I forget that I don't actually live there.

Now I understand...why there are "mom jeans" and "mom haircuts." I have accepted that I won't be fashionable again until my baby is at least a year old. The closest thing I have to shopping is Pinterest.

December 26, 2011

Noelle's First Noel

We had a busy but wonderful Christmas with Noelle this year! It was 3 days of festivities starting on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve day we went to visit Great Grandma Libby in the morning and then we went to Auntie HaHa's (Heather's) house and celebrated with Grandma Sue, Don and the family. It was an exciting night for Noelle as she watched all her cousins open their gifts...she was so stimulated that she SLEPT 8 HOURS that night! Joey and I woke up Christmas morning to a Christmas miracle! Our little Noelle gave us the best Christmas gift ever...a full night's rest!

Christmas Outfit #1

Mommy and Noelle

Noelle with cousins Ellie, Vivi and Max

With Grandma Sue

With Grandpa Don

The Cousins

Opening presents chaos!

Book we got from Grandma Sue - So funny

Sweet blanket from Auntie Heather

Christmas day we stopped by to visit Great Aunt Cathy then went to Great Grandma Ethel's and celebrated with the family again as well as everyone on the  Wagner side. Noelle got to meet some of her extended cousins for the very first time and showed off her fancy Christmas dress.

Christmas Morning

Not too sure about Christmas Outfit #2

Christmas Outfit #3

Complete with some velvet shoes and headband!

Joey and Ty wearing drum shirts!

More Christmas Chaos!

Wagner Clan

The day after Christmas we celebrated one last time at Grandpa Joe and Michele's house with more presents, some Cinnabon Rolls and had a special visit from Santa!

Grandpa Joe's Upside Down Tree

All the kids, including Noelle this time!

Daddy and Noelle (Yes, that is Christmas Outfit #4!)

Noelle got UGGs!

Noelle also got a North Face sweatsuit! Fancy girl!

Vivi and Ava

Noelle and Santa

Opening presents with Santa

Daddy and Noelle opening up Noelle's Santa Gift...what could it be?!

Why it's a VACUUM! :) Just what Noelle wanted! ;)

Noelle and her first vacuum, haha. 

Vivi and her Barbie Jeep from Santa

Kids dancing with Santa

Bennet and Ty

With Vivi, who is very excited, haha.

Uncle Nik and Noelle

Noelle with her Auntie Susan

In the evening Joey, Noelle and I went to the Gasthaus in Stillwater for some good ol German food to celebrate our friend Chris Senesac's birthday. Noelle got to meet her "Uncle" Chris and "Auntie" Jamie!

Noelle in her sassy girl outfit from The Senesac's

Meeting "Auntie" Jamie

Chris and Joey

WIth Jamie

Noelle with her "Uncle" Mark

It was a fun, tiring, busy, fantastic Christmas and we are looking forward to next years! :)
The Wagners

December 21, 2011

Christmas Decor - 2011

With some free time tonight I decided to share our Christmas decor this year! I purchased a few new things this year since we are in a new house which is always exciting!

I was super excited this year because we finally had a house that had a staircase with banisters. I have always wanted to wrap garland around banisters and never could until this year. I looked for some stockings for Joey and I but haven't found anything I really want, but am sure I will find some after Christmas at the sales. I'm looking forward to hanging our stockings up next year off of the garland on the stairs! :)

Since Noelle had her first picture taken with Santa this year I decided I would start a tradition and frame her Santa pictures each year in Christmas frames around the house. Here is her very first one.

Our tradition before we had Noelle was getting a new Nutcracker each year. Joey and I have been together 7 years but only have lived together for 5, so we have 5 Nutcrackers so far. We have them scattered around the house. Here's a picture of our Nutcracker from last year, and our new one this year. We got a ballerina Nutcracker for Noelle's first Christmas. :)

Something new I got this year which I like is this bulb garland. Originally I was going to string these around the staircase but it wasn't long enough so I decided to put it around the TV and it actually ended up looking kind of cute!

My new favorite home thing I purchased was this card holder at Kirkland's. Can you spot your Christmas card?! ;)

Lastly, this year I have a poinsettia wreath and bouquet at the door that I think is really pretty! Past Christmases I had a wreath that my dad made years ago but this Christmas I decided I wanted to try something different! I think it looks cute on our door. :)

Again here is our tree, and if you can see the ornaments, it's pretty neat because half of them are form my parents and were used on our trees growing up! Some of the ornaments, like the glitter deers are 26 years old! Very cool.
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