November 11, 2011

Noelle Update - 5 Days Old

We want to thank everyone who has reached out to us with congrats and well wishes. We would love to answer to each person individually but things have been hectic.

We were having a lot of problems with Noelle and feeding. We thought it was normal breastfeeding problems but she didn't pass any stool for days and only had wet diapers a couple times in a whole day. Her eyes were also yellow so I suspected jaundice and it turns out it is. Her bilirubin count is high and I'm on a strict schedule of feeding her every 2 hours...and it takes her a whole hour to drink ONE ounce.

She doesn't wake up for feedings so it's a struggle to feed her. She sleeps at least 20 hours a day which prevents her from feeding. When we do feed her she sleeps through most of it and sucks so slowly. That's why my milk hasn't been able to come in, because she isn't demanding it.

She's losing too much weight, she's down 11% and the doctors are worried that she is anemic. We've been in and out of the doctor yesterday and today and they want us to return tomorrow and on Monday. We just ran more tests today and if her bilirubin count is still high, or gets higher, she will need to go to the hospital to be put under special lights. It's been draining, especially trying to pump before each feeding to keep up.

Therefore we hope everyone can respect that we aren't having any visitors right now. We need some time to take care of Noelle's health and get her weight in check. Hopefully this clears up quickly and then we can have more opportunities to spend time with more people who are eager to meet Noelle.

But to tide people over, here's a little video of our angel.

Thank you,
Joey & Diana

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  1. I love your video! LOL to "Sometimes you look Asian, but right now you look like a white kid!" Hahaha! Hope her levels go back to what they should be, how scary!


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