November 5, 2011

Baby Update - 38 Weeks

Here we are at 38 weeks! Seems like just yesterday Joey and I found out we were pregnant and we thought "Wow...November?! That's so far away!" And now, it is only 2 weeks away.

Baby Wagner is doing good. She is weighing in at a whooping 7 pounds and 8 ounces already. Good lord! I had an appointment with my midwife yesterday and was told not only is Baby humongous but Baby's ready to come out! She is officially "dropped" as far as she can go without actually being in the birth canal and my cervix is 70% effaced (thinned out)! I was disappointed to find out that I am still only 1 cm dilated but was reassured that the effacement is more important than the dilation because the thinner your cervix is, the faster and sooner you will dilate.

My midwife also told me that I could dilate from a 1 to a 5 or higher in a matter of days or even a matter of hours, so really it doesn't matter and that I should just be prepared to go at any time. She told me the earliest I could go was last night (no, didn't happen obviously) and she thought I would for sure go by next week. She proceeded to tell me that she would be working at the hospital this weekend and that she hopes she sees me! As great as that sounds, I have a final exam on Monday at 2 pm that I need to take, so this baby better stay put until then!

Therefore Joey and I are being very cautious and I am truly taking it easy in fear that this baby might come a little too early for our liking. Joey has been a wonderful husband, scrubbing the bathroom, cleaning the kitchen, taking care of all the garbage (okay I should give him credit, he has always taken out the garbage) and lifting all the laundry for me. I am refraining from exerting myself until that exam on Monday is over!

Speaking of refraining from exerting myself, I am trying hard to stay put. Although I have had complaints throughout my pregnancy I was still a very active pregnant woman. Perhaps this is why my baby feels like she is going to fall out of my pant leg every day. I am finally telling myself to cool it! My feet are swollen as ever, resembling tree trunks rather than feet and I definitely lost my ankles somewhere in all that swollen puffiness. My contractions come and go every day with a vengeance as well so I need to make sure that I relax. Until Monday evening that is, than you can find me walking through the mall, bouncing on my yoga ball and doing pretty much whatever it takes for active labor to start.

In other news, my mom lands in MN tonight to stay with me for the rest of the month so I am very excited! I am glad that she will be able to be here when her first grandchild is born! I am also really grateful that she will be here to be able to help me around the house, at the least just helping with meals. Joey and I are both really untalented in the kitchen and usually eat out unless I make something out of a frozen bag so I was a little concerned about how we were going to be fed after the baby comes, so having my mom around will be amazing.

Although I don't want my baby to come until after Monday, I am getting really excited to go into labor! I know that sounds crazy since most people are scared, terrified and nervous about labor and delivering but honestly I am just excited! Although my contractions already are painful, I just cannot wait to actually arrive at the hospital and know that in a matter of hours I will be holding my baby! I'm ecstatic about it and cannot wait for the moment to arrive! Joey and I have been reading A LOT and watching a ton of live birth videos (I am obsessed. I watch birth videos everyday!) and the more that I read and watch, the more I am ready to do this. Joey just wants the whole thing over and done with, since he is far more nervous than I am. I can imagine the time coming...I will be probably be the one driving us to the hospital! All joking aside...the day is coming up fast whether we go early or not, and I can't wait! Plus, Joey will be wonderful, like always.


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