November 9, 2011


As many of you know, Baby Girl did NOT wait until her due date to come into the world! Just like my midwife predicted, she came early! Her due date was November 18th and she blessed us with her arrival on November 6th, 2011. She is a smart baby already I can tell. She waited until my mom got here before she decided to come. My mom arrived on Saturday night...Baby came Sunday! 

She is the most perfect little angel with medium brown hair and grayish blue eyes (for now). She looks a whole lot like me and came out weighing 7 pounds and 1 ounce (midwife thought she would be 8 lbs-thank goodness that wasn't right!) and about 19 inches long.

Her full name is Noelle Tuyet Mai Wagner. Tuyet Mai translates to Snow Flower and/or White Blossom in Vietnamese. We chose her name because she was coming right before the snow and holiday season, I love Christmas and Tuyet is my mom's name. It just really came together easily and we have had that name for most of my pregnancy. As many of you had read back in an earlier post, Joey and I were between two names for her and one night while he was talking to her he asked her what we should name her. He said "Kick once for ____ or twice for Noelle." She automatically kicked twice. She's been Noelle ever since.

Okay, now to the nitty gritty that everyone wants to know about: The Birth.
My water broke on Sunday the 6th in the morning at 6 am. I happened to be awake lying in bed when there was literally a "pop" noise that accompanied what felt like a swift kick and then there was a gush of water that came out all over the bed. They are not exaggerating when they say it will be a gush! If anything they should tell you that it will be an explosion! At least mine was. Poor Joey. I woke him up and automatic frenzy took over my usually calm husband. And so it began.

We arrived at the hospital at about 8 or 8:30 am and my contractions started at about 9 am. My midwife estimated that Noelle would come out by 6:00 pm. Actually Noelle came out at 2:26 pm! As you can see my whole labor and delivery was really short! But not without difficulty!

I went through with my initial plan of having an all natural water birth and it was quite the experience. Turns out that I was my midwife's FIRST EVER water birth and the hospital's (Abbott's) THIRD water birth EVER. They let me into the tub at about 11:00 or so when I was dilated to a 4 and I was still smiling in between contractions until I was dilated to about a 6. By the time I was dilated to an 8 I thought I was going to pass out from the intensity of the contractions. Not to mention that my contractions were one right on top of the other. There were either no breaks in between or only 30 seconds of "rest" in between. I experienced back labor and every time I knew a contraction was coming I started crying. Like all mothers will probably say, labor was the hardest thing I have EVER had to go through.

Once I was dilated to a 10 I wanted out of that tub! Not that I thought labor was going to be comfortable but I was SO uncomfortable. My back was throbbing, I was getting leg cramps during contractions (lovely!) and I couldn't feel my thighs anymore. I don't know how but I got out of the tub and onto the bed. This brought me temporarily relief as I started having to actively push. It was nice to have people holding my legs so I didn't have to do all the work myself. Joey did amazing. My midwife was at one leg and Joey the other (which he NEVER intended to do) and they helped me push. My mom was also AMAZING. I don't think she realized it at the time but she was breathing and pushing with me, so thank goodness SHE didn't pass out.

Once Noelle's head could be seen I was directed to get back into the tub to finish the delivery. It was excruciating and probably the hardest work I've ever had to do (they don't call it labor for nothing) but within a couple really long, hard pushes Noelle came out!

It was really a difficult and traumatic experience but I'm glad it went the way it did and I'm glad that I was able to do what I wanted all along; a natural water birth. I truly believe that my labor was fast because it was natural and I also think I'm recovering amazingly fast and well because I was drug free. The Hypnobirthing was also helpful because I used the breathing skills that I practiced throughout pregnancy, but forget about imagery! Hypnobirthing tells you to visualize pleasant places and things while in labor, like blossoming rosebuds and what not. Yeah right. Trust me, no way when you are in labor are you thinking of freaking flowers. But like I said, it all went well and I am glad to be able to share my story. Would I do it again? No. It's great that Noelle got to come out the way she did but Baby #2 (if there ever is a Baby #2) is getting an epidural!

With daddy.

With Grandma Anh Tuyet who she is named after.

With daddy and Grandma Sue.

With daddy and Grandma Shel.

With Grandpa Joe.

Mama loves you little grumpy one!

Getting ready to leave the hospital!

Daddy and Noelle.

That's the story and I'm sticking to it. Thanks for all the well wishes and congratulations. We are seriously blessed and so in love with this little girl. And a special thank you to my best friend Jessie who took all these amazing pictures, without her we wouldn't have this great documentation. :)

Noelle and Jessie.

Diana & Joey

Some more pics:

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  1. Aw! Congrats Wagner family! Noelle is beautiful! She is a lucky girl to have such great people as her parents!


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