November 20, 2011

2 Weeks Into Parenthood

Wow! Joey, Noelle and I have made it two weeks. And boy has it been a busy two weeks. Noelle has been in the clinic four times already and has another visit tomorrow, had her first bath plus two more, and has already had two photo shoots! What a trooper.

"I am so little!"


On Wednesday my dad flew in from Austin, TX so after we picked him up from the airport we shot right over to a great studio in Bloomington right by the airport called Enlightened Photography. I've been already getting a little sad that Noelle won't be a tiny baby forever so we wanted to capture pictures of her as a newborn. The photographer's name is Sheri Titus and she is amazing. She heats up her studio to 83 degrees, has a sound machine and is honestly the baby whisperer. Noelle slept almost through the whole entire photo shoot (which was almost 3 hours!) except at the end when we were trying really hard for a certain pose (we didn't get it-Noelle woke up hungry and mad). We haven't gotten these pictures back yet but are super excited to see them! We are going to keep them a secret until we send out Noelle's birth announcement cards!

The following day, Thursday, my friend Jessie (who took my birth pictures) came over with her kids Zoe and Will, and took some more pictures for us. We did some Holiday pictures with Noelle posing with Joey and I (our first family pictures!) and with my parents. These also turned out beautiful and will make for some great Holiday pictures.

First family picture!

With proud grandparents Anh Tuyet & Bau!

Three Generations.

Mommy's Little Turkey.

Mama, Daddy & Noelle

Sweet Noelle

Poor Noelle has been through it all these last 2 weeks...being posed and folded up like a pretzel, being changed into a million different outfits and tutus, being poked in the foot 3 times to draw blood (so sad), being woken up from all her naps to poor baby. As her health improves and our time with my parents come to an end, hopefully Noelle can be more at peace. I can tell she already really fits her zodiac of a Scorpio...she's very mellow, quiet, observant and doesn't like to be overstimulated. She needs her alone time! In a couple weeks here as we get more accustomed to a schedule and have less excitement surrounding us Noelle will finally get what she be left alone. Haha.

As for Joey and I...we are doing as well as two first time new parents can be doing. We are tired! We are confused! We are frustrated! But we are so over the moon happy and in love with our little princess. She is the sweetest looking, smelling thing in the world. Even her cry is a little sweet cry. We adore her so much. Mom is still struggling with the pumping every two hours and making enough for the little one, but hopefully that gets better.

Pumping = taking over mommy's life and kitchen space.

More later - as my pumping time (aka mommy time) is coming to an end!

P.S Special thank you to everyone who has stopped by to help us in anyway and also my parents who have been a tremendous help during their stay here. Thank you for people who have also sent cards and gifts! We are so grateful and blessed.

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