October 30, 2011

Maternity Pictures!

We are now on week 37, which means the baby is officially "full term" and could come out and survive successfully on her own! And she definitely wants out! Each night she tosses and turns just as bad as her mother and sometimes it feels like she is trying to dig her way out! I'm uncomfortable but I am completely content with my situation. I am no longer begging her to come early as I now realize I have less than 3 weeks left, and 3 weeks is nothing! My mom is also coming to MN next Saturday to stay with us for a month, so it would break our hearts if the baby came before her grandma gets here!

We have no major news as of now however we did get some fun maternity pictures taken by my friend Jessie and thought we would share them!

Our favorites:

More: (Click on them to see them larger.)

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