October 9, 2011

Baby Update - 34 Weeks

I have a little less than 6 weeks left and I cannot explain how this feels besides saying that I am extremely anxious. Sometimes I feel as if 6 weeks is not enough time for me to mentally and physically prepare for her arrival, get all her things together and washed, yet sometimes I feel as if I won’t make it through these long 6 weeks without ripping my skin off.

I’m having cramps that wake me up at night and keep me in bed for majority of the day, pelvis pressure that makes simple tasks such as standing difficult, and lower back pain that makes me want to ask someone to repeatedly pelt my back with rocks. As the end of this pregnancy nears, so does my patience. I have a new appreciation, understanding and empathy for other pregnant women and mothers and I give a lot of credit to women who have multiple children. You are crazy!

My midwife is out of the office for the next week so my 34 week appointment was canceled, making me even more anxious. I can’t wait to know what my condition is and if there’s any slight chance I may be dilating yet. She has told me before that my chances of delivering early were slim but I still am holding onto some ounce of hope! Please baby, give mama a break.

I'm currently done nannying and I’ve been working hard on finishing my classes for the semester and working at Joey’s mom’s dry cleaners. I'm kicking myself a little bit for signing up for classes that don't end until the week I am due, but since it's too late to withdraw from the class, I just have to bite the bullet and get it done! The one thing that I’ve been glad to have time to do is getting the baby’s room ready. I went through all her socks, shoes, bibs, hats and so forth and got them all sorted and into the appropriate bins. I also finally started washing some of her things, mainly all her blankets, sleepers, sheets and covers. I was pretty nervous cutting off the tags as we only had one ultrasound, and if for some reason this baby comes out a boy, we are in trouble. But going with it, I did wash all her pink belongings!

A glimpse into her/my closet.

I also was able to do some returning and exchanging and finally got her changing pad for the changing table and also organized a basket of newborn diapers. With less than 2 months left I need to finish off the shopping list with some other baby essentials such as itty bitty nail clippers, files, mittens, more diapers and etc.

Joey and I were in very "nesting mode" today as we cleaned the house top to bottom and also put together all her "big" items.

Daddy setting up the stroller than we got from Grandma Sue.

Voila! End result! (With her infant seat nestled in it.)

Putting together the high chair from Grandma Michele.

End result! 

Assembling her stationary entertainment center from my friend Donna.


Here's to 40 more days! Now taking bets on when Baby Wagner will arrive!

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