October 4, 2011

Baby Shower #2!

This past weekend I was blessed with a wonderful baby shower hosted by my sister in laws, Staci, Susan, Erin and Heather. It was beautiful and themed asian to remind me of my mom who couldn't be there. It was really sweet and turned out really nice! We had Leann Chin's, cupcakes and icing dipped fortune cookies.

Erin's diaper cake! :)

The pretty orchids that were used as centerpieces as well as prizes for the games.

There were some cute games, including one where everyone brought in pictures of themselves as babies and we had to guess who was who. 

It was a great shower and the baby and I received a lot of nice things. I'm pretty excited now that I can go out and finish off all the shopping needs and start getting baby's things ready for the big arrival. Only 7 more weeks! :)

More pictures from the shower:

WIth Amber, Tricia and Angie.

With my cute niece Ava!

With Suchi and Vindyha.

With my cousin in law Nicole who is 2 weeks ahead of me! 

With Michele, Patty and Molly.

With Grandma Ethel and Candy.

With Cathy.

With my nieces Vivi, Ellie and Gracie.

With Sue.

With the wonderful hosts, Susan, Staci and Erin.

With Grandma Libby.

More later this week after my appointment! 

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