October 15, 2011

5 Weeks...Or Less?!

35 Weeks
I finally I had my much awaited for 35 week appointment with my midwife on Friday and all systems are a go! I am already dilated to 1 centimeter, the baby is upside down and already settled low in my pelvis. My midwife actually felt my baby's head with the tip of her finger! That made for an exciting, terrifying and slightly gross experience.

More interesting news? Baby Wagner is already measuring at 6.5 pounds which is a pound more than the "average" baby at 35 weeks, with an estimated arrival weight of 7.5 to 8 pounds! What a chunker! At my baby shower we had all the guests write down their guess of the baby's arrival date, weight and length. Many guests thought I was going to have a wee little baby, many guessing around 6 pounds and some ounces up to 7 pounds. Well, all those people are already wrong! My baby has already surpassed 6 pounds and is on her way to becoming a plump baby. Must of been all those Oreos.

Although that was fun news, the best news of the appointment was that because I am already dilating and having contractions on a daily basis, my midwife said there was no way I was going to be overdue or need to be induced! Hallelujah! Although she said she could not promise me that Baby Wagner was going to be early, she said she could promise that she wouldn't go over her due date of November 18th! This makes mama and daddy very, very happy.

In preparation (as if we are not already, totally prepared-we even have safety plugs in all our outlets for goodness sake), I have started my Hypnobirthing studies/exercises. So far I'm not sure if they are going to work for me! I've always wanted to have the most natural birth I could have, but these exercises do little to ease my contractions now (which are mild) so how are they going to help me later when the contractions are deathly?! All I can do is practice the breathing and visualizing exercises and go into this without fear. Luckily so far throughout this pregnancy I have had no true fear of labor or delivering my baby. I figure that woman are suppose to do this, this is what our bodies were designed for, and I also believe if my mother could do it and my grandmother could do it (with 7 kids at that!) I can certainly do it too. My midwife is behind me 100% no matter what I decide and so far we still are thinking water birth. If Gwyneth Paltrow can do a water birth, so can I...I think. We will see.

Here's to 5 more weeks...or less!?
More later,

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