September 12, 2011

My Birthday with Baby!

This year marked my last birthday without child. I'd love to say I did it up, but of course we kept it pretty tame with dinner at Benihana's and smoothies. I used to be one of those people who really enjoyed their birthday, getting into the spirit days in advance. I always threw myself parties like a narcissistic. Well this year, I didn't even remember my birthday, much less cared about it and when asked what I wanted for my birthday, I replied "baby stuff." I am officially a mother. Baby comes first. Always.

Joey and I at Benihanas! Our favorite!

Not that it was a bad birthday. Joey, baby and I had a great dinner and I received a dozen roses from my employer as well as a few gifts here and there from family. My sister in law, Joey's sister Heather also had us over for dinner the night before my birthday, complete with my sweet little nephews and niece and chocolate cake. Then on Sunday Joey's dad had everyone over for dinner and we celebrated my birthday with some red velvet cake! Lots of cake = Happiness.

My parents also got me some really fun gifts for the baby in Chinatown while they visited California over labor day weekend. They picked up 6 little asian outfits that I absolutely cannot wait to put my child in! They got the baby 3 traditional Chinese outfits, a Vietnamese 'ao dai' (a traditional dress), a top and a cute furry vest.

Here is my baby's ao dai, and a picture of me as a child wearing my own!

Here are some pictures of me as a child wearing my traditional Chinese New Year outfit. Cute, and very fun!

More later!

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