September 6, 2011

Hello Third Trimester!

September and my third trimester have finally arrived! 

First off, can I just say how wonderful the weather is here in MN? Seriously, I wake up so happy because the air is fresh, the breeze is wonderful and the sun is still shining. It's been a beautiful first week of September.

Joey and I spent our Labor Day weekend alone, relaxing and cleaning at home which was a great change for us. Usually every Labor Day weekend we go up north but this time we decided to spend it with each other and work on some house tasks in preparation for the fall and also for baby's arrival (only 10 more weeks)! It was fantastic being with the husband and baby all weekend!

We finally got Baby Wagner's crib bedding! We are both so happy and excited. It's adorable and exactly what we wanted. Joey and I are both not very big on cartoons or characters, animal prints, or anything else too "kiddish." The bedding we found was perfect for our decor and style. I found it back a couple months ago at Babies R Us but never got the nerve to actually purchase it because of the high price tag. It's by FAO Schwartz, and was a bit more than I wanted to spend or have someone else spend on us. However, Joey's mom and I went there the day after Labor Day and they only had the display bedding left, which we asked if we could purchase at a discount. We not only got the discount, but also an extra blanket and the mobile included! It was an amazing deal and we love it! Her nursery is really coming together now. Mama just needs to do some deep cleaning and organizing! Here's the cute bedding!

Speaking of Baby Wags, she is doing just fabulous. This girl is going to be a dancing queen with those active feet of hers! Her kicks are starting to tickle me! I occasionally get jabs and stabs, but mostly they are fluttering feet or rhythmic taps on the sides of my stomach. They seriously make me laugh because they are so strange feeling, and also, genuinely tickle me. Joey also had a fun moment with her the other night when he asked her a question and told her to kick once for choice A or twice for choice B. She kicked twice. She was talking to her daddy! It was awesome. Here are some additional purchases we have made for the spoiled princess.

 Baby Girl's first pair of Nikes. 

Her new light switch. Adorable.

Some wall decor.

Baby Girl's first Christmas outfit! So sweet!

The rest of September will be fun and busy. My last childless birthday is coming up within a few days, my first baby shower with my girlfriends this weekend, and my 30 week OB appointment is next week! More news to come soon!

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