September 26, 2011

Baby Update - 32 Weeks

28 Weeks
Almost half way down with week 32! I cannot believe that I have less than 8 weeks until my baby is due to arrive. I can't believe it, yet at the same time, I can, because sometimes it seems like this pregnancy has been extremely long.

So far the third trimester has been an experience. Some say that the third trimester is much worse than the first, which I don't know if I agree with yet. Although I am far from comfortable, I was really sick during the first trimester so not being nauseous and being able to eat the foods I want have been nice. Although, with 2 months left I am sure I will be getting far more uncomfortable and unhappy soon.

29 Weeks
The worse things about the third trimester have been that I developed varicose veins. I had no idea what these things were and always skipped over the information about them described in all my pregnancy books. For some reason, I didn't think I was going to get them. Who knows why I thought this, but since I didn't know anything about them I didn't try to prevent them or to pay attention to getting them. Over the past week I've had a terrible time doing anything where one leg is up and one is down, like for example walking up the stairs. It's been painful, and my pelvis has felt extremely heavy. I also started working at my mother in law's dry cleaning business on the weekend to save some money for maternity leave, and I was finding it extremely difficult to stand for any length of time. I figured all of these sounded like normal pregnancy issues and that I was experiencing the same thing as every other pregnant woman.

30 Weeks
Yesterday was when I knew something was wrong. I couldn't even walk up the stairs without feeling pain and needing to stop and sit down for a second on the stairs. I also felt pain just going from the sitting position to the standing position. I finally went to the books and online to do my research looking up my symptoms. Of course when I read about varicose veins I knew that was for sure what I have. Unfortunately there's nothing I can do about them, besides not crossing my legs (like I could anyways), wearing loose clothing, not standing or walking for prolonged periods of time, and elevating my legs as often as I can. I have my 33 weeks appointment next Tuesday so I will definitely be talking to my OB about this!

This will be the second time this pregnancy that I have gotten something "rare." Apparently only 20% of pregnant women get varicose veins, and I was one of them. Also only 10% of pregnant women get PUPP, and I got that too in the first trimester. PUPP is in short a pink, itchy rash that develops on your belly and chest. Although I know I am very lucky to have not gotten gestational diabetes or pre-ecclampsia I still think this pregnancy is harder than I had expected it to be! I thought I was going to be a fertility goddess, a happy Buddha, but instead I'm just a sick, tired, Humpty Dumpty.

Not that I am not excited for little girl's arrival. I am very excited to meet my baby and  start taking care of her. Joey and I are getting ready by starting to wash all her things, cleaning the house and getting last minute things together. We have boxes of baby things that are reedy to be assembled, such as the high chair, pack and play, and an entertainment station for the baby. I still have one more baby shower this upcoming Sunday, which I am so excited for, and then Joey and I will begin to shop for necessities such as diapers and wipes.

Baby Wagner's room is complete now, actually overflowing will baby things that we aren't sure what to do with yet. Here are some recent pictures, although not very exciting!

Her letters that we made her are hung up, but I blurred them out not to spoil the surprise of her name!

Her infant seat is all set up and ready for November!

I'm loving the diaper caddy.

That's it for now, more next week after my second baby shower and doctor's appointment!

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