August 23, 2011

Short, But Sweet Trip

Last Saturday I left for Austin and returned last night. Although it was a short trip, it was really nice to see my family. I hadn't seen them since New Years when Joey and I visited and it was crucial for them to see my expanding belly! It was really fun to see my family's reaction, especially my parents, since this is their first grandchild. The family got a kick out of my figure and hearing the heartbeat on my little fetal heart doppler.

My parents and me, in my dad's garden.

Looking for Baby Wagner's heartbeat. Harder these days that she moves around so much!

Austin's humidity and heat was exhausting during my visit. The heatwave that Minnesota experienced for a couple weeks was bearable compared to the heat in TX. It was average of 103 degrees each day I was there and I couldn't last more than 5 minutes outside. Needless to say we spent a lot of time inside air conditioned spaces. Even though the heat was drying out a lot of grass, my dad's garden was still thriving.

Yes, this is my dad's  beautiful garden! It did it all himself! 

Playing Jenga with my brothers. Not much to do in that nasty heat without cocktails!

It was also fun getting gifts for Baby Wagner, of course. My parents got me some baby essentials which was super generous of them as well as a mini dress form. I had been looking literally everywhere for a miniature dress form that would fit Baby Wagner's tutus, since she has such an extensive collection that is taking up valuable space in her dresser. Everywhere I looked, they were just too big. Also expensive! What do you know, we found the PERFECT one in Austin! So lucky for me, my parents bought it for me and I am so excited about it! Even Joey thinks it is adorable.

This is the dress form, without anything on it. Even cute alone!

Here I'm starting to put her tutus on it...see how many she has! Whew!

Voila! So cute!

Here's some cute stuff Baby Wagner got from my parents!

Cute Polo outfit she got from her uncle Dennis.

Speaking of Joey, Baby Wagner really missed her dad during the trip. Usually at night she hears his voice before bedtime, since he talks to her every night. But since I went on the trip solo, she went daddy-less for a few days. By Sunday night she was kicking and punching me so hard that I was taken aback! She moved around violently, demanding to know where the hell her dad was. I felt bad that he had to miss her first tantrum. It was pretty cool seeing my stomach twist all over! ;)

That's it for now!

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