August 19, 2011

Baby Update - 27 Weeks

Hello end of the second trimester! I can't believe that another trimester has come and gone! Sometimes I think the whole pregnancy is going by really fast and other days I think it is dragging on forever. I'm sure as I reach the last few weeks it will seem much longer.

A lot has happened since I posted last about Baby Wagner. First off, she is kicking up a storm! Yesterday was the first day that my belly actually moved when she kicked! I just so happened to be staring at my stomach when her kick jolted from beneath my skin! I know that this is normal and will happen frequently now, but since it was the first time, I was beyond excited (and a little mortified at the same time). After it happened I continued staring at my belly until she did it again, 4 times! It was awesome. Her kicks are finally strong enough now that Joey can feel most of them too, although they don't feel as strong to him as they do to me.

Joey has been an excellent husband/caregiver/dad throughout this process, as about 24 weeks I was beyond sick. I'm not really prone to getting sick so of course it would happen while I was pregnant! I was congested with a bad head cold that turned into a nasty cough and with directions from my baby nurse to not take anything (not even nasal spray). I was stuck in the house, on the couch, groaning, moaning and frustrated for a week! Joey was great, taking care of me, although I think he was more concerned about the baby's well being than mine. But that's okay. :)

I also had my gestational diabetes test last week, scoring a 120. Whew! Above 129 would have meant I would have to take another, longer test, and possibly have diabetes but luckily I squeaked by! Thank goodness! Now bring on the desserts!! I was really worried I was going to have to give up my treats.

Last week Joey and I also got to tour Abbott, the hospital we are planning on delivering at. We got to see the whole maternity ward, where we will actually be for labor and delivery as well as the recovery room. While Abbott is a older hospital with fairly small rooms, I think we made the right choice. The people seem very experienced, they have new water birth tubs and God forbid, if anything were to go wrong we would be connected to Children's Hospital. We also got to meet all the Healthpartner midwives which was nice since depending on when I go into labor, my midwife might not be the one delivering my baby...although I have my fingers crossed!

Currently Baby Wagner is 15 inches and weighing 2 lbs! Holy moly! Things are getting serious!

I leave tomorrow to visit my family in Austin, Texas so there will be posts soon after the trip! 

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