July 23, 2011

Home Improvement!

As I have mentioned before, Joey and I have been really busy trying to make our house into a "home" and making it comfortable, decorated and feeling like "ours." Because of this we haven't really had any guests/visitors or held any get togethers at our house since we have moved in. So now that things are starting to fall into place I felt that it was worth sharing some pictures to show our progress! 

Our biggest accomplishment was finally putting the living room together. This was such a process because Joey and I couldn't agree on the color scheme! I wanted to go with a dark brown and maroon red and he wanted to go with something brighter to liven the place up. We also couldn't decide on the size of the rug, which would be the central thing in that living space. I thought a 5' x 8' would be sufficient but Joey insisted on larger. In the end, he won and he was right. (Rarity.) What we ended up with looks great! After many, MANY trips to Home Goods, Home Depot, Dock 86, HOM Furniture, etc. we finally got a rug we both agreed on, art work that we liked and a little decor happening. Here's what the space is looking like:

Joey originally did not want this big honking mirror over the couch, but I insisted over and over again because I not only thought it looked good in the room but thought it might add some illusional space to the room. What do you think? I like it!

This is the kitchen. Nothing special because I don't want to go crazy in a small space. I found these cute pictures from Home Goods and went with the old diner look, however this could be changed with little notice since Joey isn't too keen on this look. In every kitchen we have had (this will be our third kitchen together) we have always done black, white and red in the kitchen (we always had the bulldog kitchen decor) and I think he's sick of it. Obviously, I must not be! I also don't like to spend money so I'm pretty frugal about "starting over" on rooms that we already have decor for!

This is the dining room adjacent to the kitchen and living room, however I don't think it will ever be used for dining. Off of our kitchen is a large counter in which we use now for dining with two bar stools. Our thinking is that our kid won't actually be using anything but a high chair for a few years so it doesn't make sense for us to crowd up our space with a table yet. So instead, this room is going to be what I call my "baby space." I plan on setting up her pack and play here while I cook or work out, have her do tummy time here, and eventually when she's bigger just sit here and play. As you can see, this room is nothing right now. Once Joey figures out what he is doing with the drums that he has sitting in that room now I am getting a large console/storage table to put along that wall. Below is the one I have in mind.

I really like it because I can get baskets or canvas boxes to put the baby's toys in discreetly. Although I love all things kid related, I don't want my house to start looking like a daycare, so I like that this console/storage table still looks nice and will hide the toys once she is done with them. I plan on finding a painting to put above the table, but not sure what yet. I think I will know when I see it! We also are going to put a nice big fake plant in the shallow corner next to the patio doors. This should turn out nicely!

Here is our loft that overlooks the living room. This is mostly Joey's space, however, I am demanding that those drums find a different location to reside. Other than that, it's a nice little room!

This is the baby's room, which you have seen before. The only new addition I have added to the room is this big fluffy white rug that I got on sale at Target! I wish it was larger, but for the price I like it since it's very soft and I like adding some more white to the room.  I also need to find some cute curtains or at least a valance for her large window, but can definitely wait to get that after we have her crib bedding.

On this large empty wall I plan on hanging her name up in letters. These are the letters that I am considering, but haven't decided yet. Mostly because 1.) I want to get the bedding first and 2.) She doesn't have a name yet. :) Which ones do you like?

 I really love this one because of the feminine flowers. So cute!
 I like this one because I can hang her little ballerina slippers off of them.
 These are cute because they are different. I like that you just hang them on the wall without ribbon, and it's fun because all the letters come in different patterns but are all green and pink.
Of course, you can't go wrong with straight up pink letters with ribbons!

This is our bathroom, which I don't plan on doing too much too, since it is a bathroom after all. However I am thinking of getting this piece of art to hang over the toilet just because empty walls freak me out.

I'm thinking of getting something like this for above the toilet, obviously in our last name, Wagner.

This is our bedroom, which is still a massive work in progress. Mainly because we don't have matching end tables for our bed and armoire. It seems to work right now, but once we find something that we like, that matches and we can afford, the room will be changed! We will be keeping this blue/brown/green/gold color scheme though since it's different than what we have done in the past. In the past we have had an all white room, a green bamboo room (hence where those side table/cabinets came from), and a red and gold asian themed room. This is a nice change that we are trying to embrace, although the room isn't exactly how we want it yet. (We don't know what to do with the long wall!)

So there you have it! Fort Wagner is underway! More soon, keep cool this humid weekend!

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