July 18, 2011

Details about Baby Wagner

For anyone who we haven't talked to recently, Baby Wagner is due November 18th 2011. She just started kicking me in the last two weeks and it is very exciting! Hearing the heart beat was amazing, and seeing her in the ultrasound was equally amazing but nothing has been as awesome as feeling her kicks and movements. When she moves, it feels like there's a goldfish swimming through my tummy and when she kicks it feels like popcorn popping. This past weekend, Joey and I went up to the cabin and he felt her kick from the outside for the very first time! So she is definitely getting stronger. She is one pound this week, so I like to call her "our little meatloaf."
Here are pictures from her first ultrasound that we had back at the end of June.
Here is Baby Wagner's right foot.

 Here is the picture of her straight on...she looks like a scary snowman. Haha. 
 Here is her side shot, which we love! Her profile is so clear here! Look at that cute face!
 Joey isn't so keen on me showing our daughter's private parts online but I figure it's innocent enough.
 She's looking right at us!
Her left foot.
My next ob appointment is in a couple weeks and I cannot wait. I love having everything checked out, although we are pretty certain she is in great health. We listen to her heartbeat almost every night since my good friend Jessie gave me her fetal heart doppler to use. Baby Wagner's heartbeat is normally anywhere from 152-160: she's an active strong one. We also had the quad test done back in the first trimester and know that our little girl is healthy and has a very low chance of having a mental or heart problem, so we are very blessed. 
That's all the news we have so far about little Baby Wagner! We will keep you updated on her milestones and appointments!

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