July 26, 2011

Baby Update - 23 Weeks

Today I had my 23 week check up and happy to say everything went well. At my last ultrasound we were told that there was a little dot on the baby's heart. We really didn't know what this meant although the ultrasound lady said that it was really common among asian babies and that it was nothing to worry about. She said I would get a phone call from my doctor if anything looked worrisome. Although we didn't get a phone call Joey and I were still a little concerned. We were mostly concerned that this little dot was a hole in the baby's heart. We had little information about it so I was pretty anxious for today's appointment. Luckily my midwife said it was nothing at all to worry about. She said that it wasn't really a hole, but more of a little spot on the baby's heart, called a foci or echogenic foci. Apparently this happens a lot, and the foci is a mineralization or small deposit of calcium in the muscle of the heart. They are found in 3-5% of normal pregnancies and will cause no health problems. The best part is they usually just resolve themselves and disappear by the third trimester. So my midwife said it was nothing to worry about, and that it wasn't even an issue or concern when my ultrasound was looked at. Supposedly sometimes foci's are signs of trisomy 18 or down syndrome, but I had severely low percentages of risk for both of those when I did my quad tests, so I'm just going to believe my midwife that this is nothing of concern. So thanks a lot ultrasound lady for freaking us out! 

Other than that little scare, the baby appears to be doing fabulously. Her heart rate is still in the 150s, the uterus is measuring nicely and my blood pressure and weight is where it is suppose to be. (Surprisingly.) In three weeks I will be testing for gestational diabetes, which will be a relief to get done. My mom got it when she was pregnant, and my dad is diabetic so I know that raises my chances for sure. Not to mention, I've been having some symptoms, (fatigue, excessive thirst) so I cannot wait to find out the results.

The midwife and I also talked about my birth plan today, which was fun. She gave me the option of a water birth which I hadn't thought about before since it's a new thing they are doing at the hospital we are going to (Abbott.) Joey  and I had watched the documentary, "The Business of Being Born" which was about natural births versus typical hospital births (elective inductions/ planned cesareans/epidurals) so we had already decided very early on in our pregnancy that we would try to have as little interventions as possible. I'm not ruling out pitocin or an epidural, but I don't want these things unless it's needed. Joey and I had also watched a few natural home births on that documentary, and while I'm not interested at all in delivering at home (can you say mess?), I am interested in going with the flow and trying to do it natural in the hospital. I plan on doing more research on water birth and see if I might try that. One of my best friends, Jessie is having a water birth within the next month for her second child so hopefully I get some wonderful feedback from her on her experience! Speaking of experiences, I had watched her as well as my other good friend Dawn give birth to their first babies, so I am pretty lucky to have an idea of whats to come! 

I also plan on trying "hypnobirthing" which is a hypnosis you conduct on yourself at home for 6 weeks before your expected due date in order to prepare your body and mind for natural birthing. My friend Jessie is also doing this and has told me about many amazing stories of women who have done this. Jessica Alba also recommended it, which isn't like a pediatric recommendation or anything, but hey, i'll take it. I'm pretty excited to start that in September.

More later!

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