July 26, 2011

Baby Update - 23 Weeks

Today I had my 23 week check up and happy to say everything went well. At my last ultrasound we were told that there was a little dot on the baby's heart. We really didn't know what this meant although the ultrasound lady said that it was really common among asian babies and that it was nothing to worry about. She said I would get a phone call from my doctor if anything looked worrisome. Although we didn't get a phone call Joey and I were still a little concerned. We were mostly concerned that this little dot was a hole in the baby's heart. We had little information about it so I was pretty anxious for today's appointment. Luckily my midwife said it was nothing at all to worry about. She said that it wasn't really a hole, but more of a little spot on the baby's heart, called a foci or echogenic foci. Apparently this happens a lot, and the foci is a mineralization or small deposit of calcium in the muscle of the heart. They are found in 3-5% of normal pregnancies and will cause no health problems. The best part is they usually just resolve themselves and disappear by the third trimester. So my midwife said it was nothing to worry about, and that it wasn't even an issue or concern when my ultrasound was looked at. Supposedly sometimes foci's are signs of trisomy 18 or down syndrome, but I had severely low percentages of risk for both of those when I did my quad tests, so I'm just going to believe my midwife that this is nothing of concern. So thanks a lot ultrasound lady for freaking us out! 

Other than that little scare, the baby appears to be doing fabulously. Her heart rate is still in the 150s, the uterus is measuring nicely and my blood pressure and weight is where it is suppose to be. (Surprisingly.) In three weeks I will be testing for gestational diabetes, which will be a relief to get done. My mom got it when she was pregnant, and my dad is diabetic so I know that raises my chances for sure. Not to mention, I've been having some symptoms, (fatigue, excessive thirst) so I cannot wait to find out the results.

The midwife and I also talked about my birth plan today, which was fun. She gave me the option of a water birth which I hadn't thought about before since it's a new thing they are doing at the hospital we are going to (Abbott.) Joey  and I had watched the documentary, "The Business of Being Born" which was about natural births versus typical hospital births (elective inductions/ planned cesareans/epidurals) so we had already decided very early on in our pregnancy that we would try to have as little interventions as possible. I'm not ruling out pitocin or an epidural, but I don't want these things unless it's needed. Joey and I had also watched a few natural home births on that documentary, and while I'm not interested at all in delivering at home (can you say mess?), I am interested in going with the flow and trying to do it natural in the hospital. I plan on doing more research on water birth and see if I might try that. One of my best friends, Jessie is having a water birth within the next month for her second child so hopefully I get some wonderful feedback from her on her experience! Speaking of experiences, I had watched her as well as my other good friend Dawn give birth to their first babies, so I am pretty lucky to have an idea of whats to come! 

I also plan on trying "hypnobirthing" which is a hypnosis you conduct on yourself at home for 6 weeks before your expected due date in order to prepare your body and mind for natural birthing. My friend Jessie is also doing this and has told me about many amazing stories of women who have done this. Jessica Alba also recommended it, which isn't like a pediatric recommendation or anything, but hey, i'll take it. I'm pretty excited to start that in September.

More later!

July 24, 2011

Pretty Young Thing

My little baby girl is already one well dressed cookie and she isn't even here yet! Between a really generous grandma, an older baby girl cousin, and an anxious mother this sweet pea is going to be very far from naked her first year of life! I just have to share some of my favorites because it melts my heart and baby girl won't be here until November to model them for us!

True Religion for my baby. True story.
Cutest little baby Uggs from her cousin Vivi!
Juicy Couture bath robe, slippers and velour sweat suit? Yes, please.

I am so thankful every single day that I have such generous family members who want to contribute to the fashion show that my baby's life will be. Her older cousin, Viviana is now a little over one year old and a lot of these fashionable things came from her. Also Baby Wagner has a grandma that cannot stop shopping for her! Baby girl is so lucky, and she still has two other grandmas that haven't even shopped yet! By the time they all get shopping, baby girl's closet will need to take over a portion of our house! (I'm especially excited that my mom is going to Chinatown in Cali to buy baby girl some asian outfits!)

 Newborn - 3 Months
 3 Months
3 - 6 Months
Bins of 6, 9 and 12 Months - all from cousin Vivi! 
And yes, the drawers to the left contain shoes and socks!

Baby Girl Wagner is way better dressed than her daddy and mommy combined, but we wouldn't have it any other way. This is our little princess and we cannot wait for her arrival! I can promise you that pictures will be taken daily to show off our little cupcake when she finally makes her arrival in November!

July 23, 2011

Home Improvement!

As I have mentioned before, Joey and I have been really busy trying to make our house into a "home" and making it comfortable, decorated and feeling like "ours." Because of this we haven't really had any guests/visitors or held any get togethers at our house since we have moved in. So now that things are starting to fall into place I felt that it was worth sharing some pictures to show our progress! 

Our biggest accomplishment was finally putting the living room together. This was such a process because Joey and I couldn't agree on the color scheme! I wanted to go with a dark brown and maroon red and he wanted to go with something brighter to liven the place up. We also couldn't decide on the size of the rug, which would be the central thing in that living space. I thought a 5' x 8' would be sufficient but Joey insisted on larger. In the end, he won and he was right. (Rarity.) What we ended up with looks great! After many, MANY trips to Home Goods, Home Depot, Dock 86, HOM Furniture, etc. we finally got a rug we both agreed on, art work that we liked and a little decor happening. Here's what the space is looking like:

Joey originally did not want this big honking mirror over the couch, but I insisted over and over again because I not only thought it looked good in the room but thought it might add some illusional space to the room. What do you think? I like it!

This is the kitchen. Nothing special because I don't want to go crazy in a small space. I found these cute pictures from Home Goods and went with the old diner look, however this could be changed with little notice since Joey isn't too keen on this look. In every kitchen we have had (this will be our third kitchen together) we have always done black, white and red in the kitchen (we always had the bulldog kitchen decor) and I think he's sick of it. Obviously, I must not be! I also don't like to spend money so I'm pretty frugal about "starting over" on rooms that we already have decor for!

This is the dining room adjacent to the kitchen and living room, however I don't think it will ever be used for dining. Off of our kitchen is a large counter in which we use now for dining with two bar stools. Our thinking is that our kid won't actually be using anything but a high chair for a few years so it doesn't make sense for us to crowd up our space with a table yet. So instead, this room is going to be what I call my "baby space." I plan on setting up her pack and play here while I cook or work out, have her do tummy time here, and eventually when she's bigger just sit here and play. As you can see, this room is nothing right now. Once Joey figures out what he is doing with the drums that he has sitting in that room now I am getting a large console/storage table to put along that wall. Below is the one I have in mind.

I really like it because I can get baskets or canvas boxes to put the baby's toys in discreetly. Although I love all things kid related, I don't want my house to start looking like a daycare, so I like that this console/storage table still looks nice and will hide the toys once she is done with them. I plan on finding a painting to put above the table, but not sure what yet. I think I will know when I see it! We also are going to put a nice big fake plant in the shallow corner next to the patio doors. This should turn out nicely!

Here is our loft that overlooks the living room. This is mostly Joey's space, however, I am demanding that those drums find a different location to reside. Other than that, it's a nice little room!

This is the baby's room, which you have seen before. The only new addition I have added to the room is this big fluffy white rug that I got on sale at Target! I wish it was larger, but for the price I like it since it's very soft and I like adding some more white to the room.  I also need to find some cute curtains or at least a valance for her large window, but can definitely wait to get that after we have her crib bedding.

On this large empty wall I plan on hanging her name up in letters. These are the letters that I am considering, but haven't decided yet. Mostly because 1.) I want to get the bedding first and 2.) She doesn't have a name yet. :) Which ones do you like?

 I really love this one because of the feminine flowers. So cute!
 I like this one because I can hang her little ballerina slippers off of them.
 These are cute because they are different. I like that you just hang them on the wall without ribbon, and it's fun because all the letters come in different patterns but are all green and pink.
Of course, you can't go wrong with straight up pink letters with ribbons!

This is our bathroom, which I don't plan on doing too much too, since it is a bathroom after all. However I am thinking of getting this piece of art to hang over the toilet just because empty walls freak me out.

I'm thinking of getting something like this for above the toilet, obviously in our last name, Wagner.

This is our bedroom, which is still a massive work in progress. Mainly because we don't have matching end tables for our bed and armoire. It seems to work right now, but once we find something that we like, that matches and we can afford, the room will be changed! We will be keeping this blue/brown/green/gold color scheme though since it's different than what we have done in the past. In the past we have had an all white room, a green bamboo room (hence where those side table/cabinets came from), and a red and gold asian themed room. This is a nice change that we are trying to embrace, although the room isn't exactly how we want it yet. (We don't know what to do with the long wall!)

So there you have it! Fort Wagner is underway! More soon, keep cool this humid weekend!

July 20, 2011

She Loves The Baby Already!

I have an awesome job, as many of you know, I nanny a little one year old (14 months to be exact) girl and I have been since she was two months old. I have gotten really attached to her, as I've been with her for over 45 hours a week for over a year and often feel like she is my own child. So of course I always wonder how our relationship will change once I have my own baby girl. Lucky for me, I think she will be alright! Check out the video, it's really sweet, but beware of my stomach...it's not very attractive! :)

More later!

July 18, 2011

Making of a Nursery

Joey and I have had the itch (or maybe it was mostly just me) to nest pretty much from the beginning of the pregnancy. It didn't take long after the 12 week mark for us to go shopping for nursery items, since we figured those were pretty big ticket items that others won't get us. Joey put together a crib that we found at Baby Depot (although, afterwards I found out I could have gotten it from Target, or from Wal-Mart for not only cheaper but WITH a mattress-UGH). It took us a few visits to Baby Depot and Babies R Us to figure out what kind of wood we wanted in the nursery and decided to go with natural to match the trim in the bedroom. It just so happened that his sister Heather also gave us her old glider rocking chair which was also in natural wood, so it really seemed like the best choice. After that I had the severe itch to get the dresser. Again, because I have zero patience and lack the stamina to do extensive research nowadays, we ended up buying a beautiful dresser that we loved from Target, however to find out I could have saved at least $80 if I had gotten it at Wal-Mart. Oy. I think I have finally leaned my lesson: Buy furniture from Wal-Mart. Anyways, besides the price, we loved it and didn't want to mess around with returning and re-buying anything, especially since it weighed at least 175 pounds. Because I am truly a handy woman ;) I put the dresser together myself one determined night in roughly 3 hours. It was a process but was well worth it-I love this dresser! 

Once we had our two big ticket items we started messing around with the furniture placement in the nursery. We also got a really affordable bookcase for the room as well to place some of the books and baby items I was starting to accumulate. Here is what we had come up with first. As you can see, we also had a fairly neutral tone going in the room. 
 Joey originally liked the idea of having the crib near the door, so we could crack the door open to "spy" on our child. :)

Once it was discovered that it was a girl, the room took a drastic turn! First I thought I would go with a really classic, shabby chic decor that would be really feminine but not exactly "kiddish." That quickly changed for me when I found these art pieces at Target (the tiara) and Home Goods (the other two). I never thought I'd be THIS girly with a girl's room but it just sort of fell into place, especially since I knew I wanted to go with light pink and light sage green. 
All hung up thanks to the princess' daddy.
Things got even more girly when I recently found this bookcase at a Once Upon a Child. I had originally registered for it at Target, but had to buy it myself when I found it at the consignment shop because the price was too good to beat. 
So here you have it. Baby Wagner's nursery so far is an unbelievably girly space, which will be really troublesome if she ends up being a he! Although, I'm pretty assured since the sonograph lady said she found the labia, and I don't think boys can have those. ;) More of the nursery so far:

Here are my next projects that I would like to conquer, since they seem easy enough to tackle!

 These bookends are so cute, but super pricey! They are $40 for each set. That is way over budget for us, seeing that I think I can make these for fairly cheap with wood letters from Michaels, some paint, wood and glue. Keep your eyes open for my craftiness. It only comes out a few times per year.
 This sign isn't really necessary (but have any of my purchases so far been necessary?) but I think is pretty cute to slide over the doorknob when you don't want people ringing the doorbell or being obnoxiously loud. This may or may not make my to do list, but I thought it would be easy enough to make if I really wanted to. Better than paying $30 for it!

 Again, something completely unneeded, but so cute! These barrette holders are super cute decor and (somewhat) practical. When I showed these to Joey he asked me why I couldn't put the barrettes in a box or basket. Well, of course I can. But that wouldn't be as fun now would it? :) I'm going to try to tackle this project some time this summer!

More later!

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